Enhancing the value of your intellectual property

We take broad view of your IP and business needs

We take broad view of your IP and business needs

Our firm can assist you with a variety of intellectual property legal services ranging from preparing and filing patent applications to trademark evaluations and filings with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

We can also represent you if litigation becomes necessary.  We have represented clients in the federal courts in New Mexico and Texas for intellectual property infringement matters.  Our firm has also represented clients in matters before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC), the United States Court of Federal Claims, and in inter partes and ex parte matters before appeals boards at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Our firm's intellectual property professionals can bring greater value to you or your company through the creation of patent portfolios targeted towards growing trends in the marketplace.  We make it our job to understand your business, your markets, and your mission, so that the intellectual property you invest in matters and will translate into a return on investment or attracts the investors you may need to grow.

Among our unique intellectual property services are counseling, audits, due diligence and training.

IP Audits

Intellectual property (IP) audits are a valuable exercise in light of changing technologies and market conditions. IP audits provide clients with much needed information to properly develop a patent strategy. O&L can conduct an IP audit on behalf of your or your company to assist in the creation of carefully focused and strategic patent filing and procurement programs. 

Due Diligence

IP is becoming an even more important asset that must be accounted for by potential investors in a technology company as well as merger or acquisition participants. O&L can conduct patent due diligence studies for clients who, for example, may be preparing for an investment, merger or acquisition. We also perform due diligence work for businesses seeking to avoid potentially blocking patents and for those seeking to acquire IP portfolios.


IP awareness programs can help minimize the loss of valuable intellectual property assets and enhance your competitive advantage in the marketplace. O&L can assist you or your company in establishng an awareness of IP and building an IP-aware culture by training key personnel regarding the importance of IP, and highlighting relevant IP development and protection issues.